Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The shark commeth and he commeth soon

We are supposed to become wiser with age, but I find myself just running out of excuses for my dumbness. It's as if time peels away layers of our bullshit so that we can't even present the lie convincingly anymore. The new lie is acceptance of our fate and our behavior. This is "who I am." I can't change this behavior it is "ingrained". I've used 33 cards in a 52 card deck and I'm running out of Aces.

February being my birthday month would seem to be my best month of the year, only it's not. The build up to another year off the clock culminates through expectations unlived and unfulfilled. I wonder about old dreams and goals and bury myself in excuses of their unimportance, but that believability thing kicks in. When you are six the idea of watching wrestlers perform on television is exciting and you are caught up in the myth. When you reach my age the spectacle of a returning actor back to WWE wrestler only makes me feel sadness for him. I somehow doubt that this was his preferred career decision. Then I feel even worse because I had it on my television in the first place. I think that is desperation I smell cooking by the way. You see someone break away from what appears a career path pre-destined and making a name for himself only to abandon those efforts when things don't go as planned.

I have to also realize that being ill with some brutal congestive head cold can affect my thinking. I can barely breath and keep my head from imploding under the force of the pressure inside of it. I'm wondering about that pop rocks and diet soda idea right now. Does anyone still sell pop rocks? Maybe I will throw a few mentos in there for good measure. Is that my brain on fire I smell cooking?

It's been over six months since I started this blog yet my first entry was about my hike in Arizona last February so it feels like it's been a year. So for the hell of it I'm claiming this the year anniversary of my blog. Wow, a whole year, all the ups and downs, trials and tribulations; the highs, lows, and below freezings. A year ago today me and Arthur Fonzarelli were on our water skis in our swim trunks and leather jackets about ready to jump over a pool of seething and starving sharks. I remember Richie Cunningham, Ralph Malph and Potsy looking over us nervously with Joanie and Chachi. Those were crazy times, good times, with good friends...and I'm sorry the Fonz didn't survive, but it wasn't my fault.Yes I believe that medication is kicking in now.

I won't keep rambling because my attempt at a profound and inspiring post has been sullied by Happy Days. Tomorrow is another day and Annie is getting a remake and I'm sure we aren't too far from a Gone with the Wind remake and Scarlett O'Hara being cast. And with Hollywood's great casting, do I smell Oscar for Megan Fox? Thanks for reading for the last year and I'll promise to add more in depth knowledge and perspective the next go around or I'll just jump in the water. Who needs pop rocks?