Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hazy day

Been a while since I’ve blogged so why not. I’m not melting outside, or inside for that matter, so those are positives. I realize that Seth McFarland is dialed into my psyche somehow. I’ve already been compared to Brian from Family Guy a few times and now his new character in Ted is named “Jon” is 35, single, a slacker, and his best friend is a teddy bear. It’s uncanny this guy! He is so dialed into me it’s ridiculous. I too like to sing way too often for my own and everyone else’s good. So are welcome. I am glad I can provide you endless revenue streams..but if you don’t mind would you please fire me back a little retro motivation on that creative genius you got flowing? Thanks!

It’s important to not lose sight on the important things. What those are today..I have no clue. I guess we have an election coming up in November. The new Iphone hasn’t arrived yet? The global economy is teetering, wait it’s not? Joe Paterno was really not the great guy we thought he was. Maybe we focus too much on self-image and preservation than doing the right thing in the first place. I love that the American uniforms for the Olympics are made in China. And also that American cities are filing for bankruptcy. These are all great positive things to look forward to. That global economy thing is looking to be working smoothly.

I had a client tell me yesterday that there is a city in California that is close to SF that is so broke their entire police force was laid off. They have beautiful homes that have been vacated because there are so many loans under water and no services available in the city. The vacant homes are being used by gangs and turned into meth labs. People in this city can’t call the cops because there are none. If they complain they can be intimidated and murdered, they can’t re-sell; they can’t safely stay, so they are forced to abandon their homes or load up on artillery. The old American West reborn, minus Gene Hackman who I read today has been retired from acting now for a few years. Where is Little Bill when we need him?!

Other than that we can train ourselves. We can make better buying decisions. Spend less, eat healthier, work out. I know I am addicted to the gym right now and running. At least when gasoline gets too expensive and the oil wells runs dry I can run to work! We got a vegetable garden growing that requires a heck of a lot of TLC and watering but has yet to produce any edible food, that’s progress I guess. All the money in the world can’t buy you your health. All the free health care in the world won’t prevent the diseases we ourselves have the ability to protect ourselves from just by living healthier lifestyles.

There is fog, smoke, and smog that can fill the air and cloud our vision and there is rain, sweat, and tears that can wash it all away. Liquid can cleanse pollution, either the external or internal we fill our lives with. But it’s only a temporary cleansing unless we change what polluted it in the first place. If nothing else at least hydrate yourself with some water or jump in the river, that is as long as there are no River Monsters in there. Those catfish are gruesome.