Friday, May 31, 2013

Great taste, Less filling.

Growth is overrated. Really, why do we have to learn and grow when it is so much easier to stay stunted and stupid? It’s the world we live in right? Good luck seeing a movie with a plot or dialogue that sounds like it wasn’t fished out of a Cracker Jack’s box. Our finest literature these days comes from 10 year old boys’ bedrooms. Screw growth; it only brings you down. I grow so that I may realize how many weeds exist in my garden? How what I thought was a tomato plant was CGI-created, GMO-produced, and poisonous-rogue IRS agent? And I was being audited because I once saw an Amanda Bynes film “What a Girl Wants” and thought she was cute until I realized that girl wants to crowd all of the news articles with her crazy on every search engine online with an obsessed press and a damn Twitter account. I can’t provide receipts for that, I’m guilty!

I don’t know what is more impressive. The fact that we can make the #1 movie with no plot, fast cars, cartoonish-looking actors and action scenes that make me want to jump from the top of a building to a moving car below just to see if I can not only land without a bruise but smile and zip into Daytona before the checkered flag. Or the fact that a damn Twitter page update from a D-list retired child celebrity becomes the top story on Google news daily. Give me a freakin break! The promos alone before Fast and Furious 6 made me realize we live in a society I am not sure is salvageable. After Earth with Will Smith may be closer than we think, but why would any space aliens want to eat our brains considering the high calories and artificial sweetener they are full of to begin with. It would be like a child gorging on cotton candy. Surely there is a better planet to take over than Earth!

Hey I paid the tickets for F&F 6. I have no moral high ground to walk on, but if I did it would be quick sand anyways. You can’t function in this world without dumbing yourself down to function in it. It’s a daily compromise with each other just to get through the day. It’s like a game of Texas hold-em poker. I know I am not always as smart as the guy or gal next to me, but am I as stupid? Should I bluff them or will they call my bluff? We compromise everyday just to survive and if you think you are the one bluffing that you are smarter, you’ve just been called. You are holding a Jack-Ten unsuited and all-in. You are screwed. That lunatic child-star who is having her tenth Twitter breakdown of the day is holding Ace-King, and she thinks you are ugly.

Where do we go from here? I used to think I wasn’t intelligent enough to be a writer. I felt my voice was saturated with generalities and I couldn’t hold a candle to what real dignified authors that sit in elaborate writing rooms do, smoking pipes while they churn out novels for an admiring public. As our attention spans digress and our ability to even read a paragraph of those great novels wanes, I realize novels are dying anyways. Who can sit down and read one unless the characters jump out of the pages and onto our tables talking in Twitter-friendly verbiage that will hold our attention? But who am I kidding; I already lost you at growth didn’t I?