Friday, December 21, 2012

Quick Holiday/'12 wrap-up-We lived!

I just realized run-on, fragmented sentences and misspellings create a nice red and green holiday underlining for the holidays. It’s a greeting card from Microsoft for the stupid people. Awesome! Spell check must be Ebenezer because I just lost my colors. Alright, so here we go. I have to psyche myself up for another column because it has been buried under boxes or old Holiday decorations and lights and some creatures that have been living in my garage attic. No they aren’t aliens waiting to take me away to the French Alps and then their home planet rescuing me from my Mayan predicted destruction, apparently they were just rats re-introducing the black plague for a 13th Century renaissance...rats!!! Wow, ok welcome back random rats, I swear, but yes the column/blog/mental cleansing apparently was backed up. I feel like I am taking my first drink of alcohol after years as a teetotaler.

How was the year for everyone? 2012? Didn’t think we’d make it this far? Not sure what to do now that we have? Glad you didn’t build that bunker after all? Has anyone knocked on the bunkers of those doomsdayers to let them know it’s ok to come back into the light? I feel like the old psychic from Poltergeist calling into the white tv fuzz that used to exist before we all got sucked into 2000 cable channels of reality television..”Carol Anne…Carol Anne…come back to the light…Carol Anne???” And her little voice calls back..”I just got a show on TruTV with PaulyD screw you old psychic lady! Did you predict that?”

It’s been a good year for me. I ran a lot, more running that I’ve ever done in my life. At least the type of running that doesn’t involve sirens behind me and that is a positive. When you can run recreationally and not for survival that is the good stuff. I didn’t write as much (obviously) because the words now come out pouring like a backed up faucet minus the lead poisoning. I ran four half-marathons in 2012 and another one on the horizon in early February to start of the New Year. It’s hard to motivate myself to run when the snow flurries and wind chill pounds you in the face and the darkness swallows you like the whale swallowed Geppetto in Pinocchio but it is also kind of cool to have cars pass you in awe of your a) bad ass(ed)ness and b) outright insanity. My race in February is in Huntington Beach, so that helps motivate, plus Maui on the docket in early March is also motivation…because I don’t want to look like the whale that swallowed Geppetto!

2013 will be an exciting year to come. I have a feeling I’m in for unveiling new chapters in my life and may even write one or two for once. I won’t make it a long blog because with the Holidays, attention span (yours, mine, ours, etc) I don’t have the stamina to write another few paragraphs in ’12. I just thought I’d let you all know I still write (things that should stay in my head) and you haven’t missed anything in the process. Hope all of my family and friends have a wonderful Christmas and New Years wrapping up the 1-2. See you all in the very lucky ’13.