Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Is insanity in?

It feels like it's been a while since I've blogged on here, but it's only been a couple of weeks. Maybe it's because I realize how tame my "jumping the shark" blog is in comparison to Charlie Sheen's daily meteoric meltdowns. All I've ever fumed about were past relationships and jobs, this guy has the whole Vatican and Warlock nation after him. If I just jumped over a shark this guy has done pirouettes over the freaking Legend of Zelda.

Speaking of Zelda, like a big video game dork I went onto YouTube the other day and watched clips of all my old favorite Nintendo video games. I think I need to invest in an old school Nintendo. No offense to the gamers of today but no games were cooler than those original games of Super Mario Brothers, Kung Fu, Zelda, and one of my all time favorites Kid Icarus. Sure the graphics of those games are the equivalent of a black and white tv and episodes of I Love Lucy compared to Two and a Half Men but at least Lucille Ball wasn't holed up in the Beverly Hilton with 7 gram rocks and Ricky Ricardo off set..or...maybe we just didn't give a damn back then and appreciated the work on screen. The show is no longer the show anymore, the show is "after" the show. Reality television has made our celebrities reality stars. The cameras don't shut off after the curtain closes, it's saran wrap.

I don't feel sympathy for stars, they chose their platform. I do find it amazing that while we are watching teachers unions losing their benefits in Wisconsin, millionaire sports athletes are proudly standing behind their unions to continue their wealth accumulation. We all gasp at a potential lock-out so that we can no longer spend time watching these millionaire athletes compete while millions of Americans stand in an unemployment line. Hey, I was in that line too, watching these athletes. We are like the citizens of Rome watching the Gladiators fight while we starve and beg for loaves of bread in the Colosseum. Only our athletes don't risk their lives for our affection or entertainment, merely the embarrassment of failed expectations and for that they sit in locker rooms and cry..poor poor Heat.

I still believe ignorance is bliss. It has to be. The more we know the less happy we are knowing it. That was no joke in the Bible. We weren't supposed to eat that apple. We were supposed to be naked and clueless frolicking in gardens or living in Jersey Shore. Hell, they've never eaten apples..obviously. Maybe Jersey Shore is Eden..pre-apple. Snooki does sort of look like the rib of Ronnie, or that she had a few McRibs..I don't know.

I hope crazy isn't the new fad. We've done hyper color t-shirts, we've done flannel, now the fad is wear your crazy out loud and proud. Just blurt out craziness, it's in, people like it, hell we covet it, we crave it, we all up and add you to twitter over it. We are so about crazy we can't take it anymore. We want our politicians crazy. We want our celebrities whacked out. We like our movies about nutcases. Sane was so yesterday. If you are not insane, you are out. Who would of thought all our serial killers and psychos from yesterday were merely trendsetters? Stars before their time...who needs 15 minutes of fame when you can have 15 years to life of it.

I really need my vacation. Is it Maui or Zelda? Does it make a difference?