Monday, August 9, 2010

Don't call it a comeback

Alright, I'm currently doused up on some chloraseptic. No fever, yes! No headache! Ate something for breakfast. Today is a vast improvement from the last several. This black death that I have been afflicted with may finally be moving on to some other poor soul. I am relieved that I feel better and appreciate all the friends and family who have been concerned. I am almost ready to re-associate with society and leave my hermit's nest. Almost...

I had an interview today and am optimistic I may get a 2nd. It's not like I need a job or anything, I'm just finishing up some signs for the street corner I'll be standing by shortly. Maybe you can throw me some change while you pass by. It's a shame pan handlers don't exhibit more creativity. I mean, it's a flooded market and yet I see very few creative signs out there. I promise my signs will be different, for example:

"Hey we are all gonna die in 2012 anyways, you don't really need that change do you?"

"My accountant says I need to do this."

"Would you rather have me handling your food at the drive thru? Spare a few dollars to keep that from happening."

Just a few today, I'm not quite up to my creative flow yet, it's like a slow dripping faucet. But, at least it is on again though. I'm reading a new book "A Land So Strange" about a Spanish explorer who walked across the entire US in the 1500's. And today I read about a man who walked the entire Amazon River in two and a half years. I'm inspired, to walk to my kitchen and get another glass of water. I hope one day I'll feel good enough to actually walk out of my house again. If I'm going to fulfill my illustrious career at the corner of Barnett and Riverside I'm going to have to.

I do understand the need to journey and explore though. I had my large walking expedition in February to Havasupai. I planned on doing a lot more hiking this summer and even sky diving again as well. Now they even have suits you can wear so you fly in the air like a bird. It extends the flight time by several minutes. Instead of a 90 second free fall it can last 5 minutes in the air while you glide. Of course the only real concern is landing 20 miles from your car and in the middle of a freeway. "Is it a bird, is it a plane?'s roadkill."

Now maybe if I jumped out of the plane in the bird flight suit holding a sign and landing at whatever street corner I'll be posting up at, now that's an idea I can run with. Tell me that wouldn't garner a few nickels, a quarter and a dime. And since it only costs me $350 plus to do this jump I could make my money back in no time. Say December 21, 2012? On second thought, would you like an extra hashbrown with your order?

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