Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The absurdity of it all

Well ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the summit of our civilization and are descending into the abyss. It's called the information era. Who are you really? Well I can't tell you from a face to face introduction, let me get some background reports on you though then we'll really know. You are no longer a face and a body. You are no longer a voice and a soul. You are what the computer says you are. Doesn't matter if it's right, doesn't matter if it's accurate, you are what the computer says you are.

Don't like that? Don't believe me? Check it out. A 58 year old woman has to PROVE she is alive because the computers are determined she is deceased. The Alabama woman was denied a safe deposit box at a bank because it reported her social was reporting deceased. She checked with the Social Security department but they showed she was alive and kicking it. Her friend had her apply for credit to test that out.. she was denied..11 times. All 11 rejection letter were vague and indicated they were unable to verify her social. When her card was denied at a retailer and a clerk called to verify she called the cops, thinking this woman was an identity theft criminal. Cops let her go because her driver's license ID matched her card. We soon will not have that luxury of photo ID, because it seems soon, that won't make a difference.

We are numbers: FICO, Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. We are records, valid, invalid, no difference. The computer says so. The computer is never wrong. There are more credit collectors calling the wrong people than ever before. Information gathered leads them to the wrong person and harassing calls meant for one person get put through to you. Do they care? No, the computer led them here. It has to be accurate. Jobs now require intense background screenings. Third party companies not even affiliated with your employer determine your ability for employment. These same companies can't divulge information to the company that hires you due to privacy laws. Yet the company that hires you pays your paycheck. The third party company is in some warehouse in Florida running our corporate machine. I don't blame them, they are just doing what the computer tells them to.

We are told to monitor our credit reports. We order them online to check every item that may affect our ability to borrow. But the lenders can just change the rules. What was eligible three months (or even three days ago) won't matter in three weeks, more likely months, when the invalid item reporting is cleared. It is amazing how quickly information appears erroneously and how difficult it is to remove that. How can we be right when the computer is wrong? What's going on? It must be that we are lying! Not to mention all the identity theft that is rampant and exposing our information online, and ordering one of these online credit reports only leads to more potential victimization in the future.

We can't even dispute things face to face. Our word is meaningless. If we don't go online to file this dispute, forget it. You can sit on hold but no one you speak to can solve anything. They are merely puppets to the machines that sit in front of them. Reasonable thoughts and sensible decision making are no longer even options. We type those into a computer system and they will determine what our decision should be. "System generated" is the new catchphrase. System generated results, all decisions are system generated, the leads are system generated, all the votes are system generated. What is this system? And who is generating them? The computer in front of us?

Our economy is system generated. Stock numbers that are meaningless and have no value to reality determine whether or not you are hired or fired. Whether you get that pay increase you deserve or whether you are forced to take a cut. Numbers controlled by more numbers; inflated, real, no difference. They show up in the computer, they must be accurate. By the time we figure out they were wrong, it won't matter anyways.

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