Friday, September 3, 2010

Et tu Shen*****? Et tu?

So life springs anew on Blogspot. Thank you for the resuscitation. I really like to write and I'm glad a few people read this and well I'll keep 'er going.

It's amazing how when we are upset we will find the resolve to push on. I've been upset a lot lately. Last night it was for some heavy handed treatment at a local watering hole. I can name names and bitch and moan but that doesn't solve anything. Truthfully it just plugs them and makes me look like a childish lush so we'll skip that detour. But I did walk home from downtown last night and stayed up surfing the Better Business Bureau website to file a complaint. It will float out in anonymous cyberspace and probably have the effect on that place like I was fighting Machette with a large feather. It's fine, the principle of it matters I guess. Speaking of Machette I saw the trailer on youtube it looks pretty bad ass, let me know if you've seen it.

I can't take things so personal. This must be a trait of my Pisces, but it seems I can be an emotional Space Mountain. One second I'm on a euphoric high singing Daydream Believer stone cold sober but wired on Diet Rockstar and the next I am storming off the main strip of downtown Medford on a 2 am walk home. All within a few days time, and I'm all over the place. I don't know if it's the recent events (and by recent I'm talking last two months) or if it's just the way I've always been and I'm now noticing it. I'm up, I'm down, making videos of success and sabotaging my psyche two days later. I want positive thoughts to fill my head and push me forward but then reality seeps in and I realize I'm not a positive guy. I have my moments but the music I truly love, the movies I love are dark. Maybe this is my inability to escape the winters of Seattle in my head or maybe I was just born this way. This could be single child syndrome. I mean, even though I have a wonderful sister, she was 8 years older than me and I grew up pretty much alone. Both of my parents worked full-time jobs when I was growing up so my babysitter after school was my television. Maybe this is where I developed my writing talent, in my isolation. I made up friends because I didn't have many of them, and I always envied my friends that had brothers and sisters their same age. Like a built in best friend/rival I'm sure.

Ok enough Blogspot therapy! Ha, please feel free to bill me! Anyways back to other things. So yeah I got kicked out of a bar last night when out with friends for some ridiculous reason and huffed and puffed all the way home. It's not the first time I've ever been kicked out of an establishment but the last time was over five years ago when I was up in Seattle. Me and my friends were at a bar called Cowgirls Inc. It is one of those places where the girls get on the bars and dance, sing, and get majorly aggressive with all the drunk male and female patrons. Well one of these bartenders/dancers served my buddy this shot of some white liquor. I think it must have had kahlua or maybe she was lactating, anyways my friend didn't want the shot. He wouldn't take it and she "claimed" he ordered it. He didn't. She was just hot and thought my friend was drunk enough and they were pushing drinks. Well we all got kicked out. She essentially called over the bouncer and said we were not paying for our drinks and they kicked us all out. Outside we argued with the bouncer for ten minutes in vain. Who ever wins an argument with a bouncer. I mean, first off, most of them have a dialogue that consists of ten words. They look as though they are thinking about food the entire time you are arguing. I shouldn't argue with them anymore I'm just going to carry protein bars now with me to clubs. If I get kicked out I'm just gonna pull out the Tiger Milk bar and say "hey bud, wanna let me back in?" And his eyes are gonna widen "uh Proteeen?..good, me like, go back in, me sorry!"

I vowed to never go again to Cowgirls and I never did while I lived in Seattle. Now a new establishment has been blacklisted. It's unfortunate because a big event is approaching at this place Wednesday night and I wanted to attend for a friend but that is now out. I guess that is selfish of me. If I were a good friend I would go regardless, but I'm stubborn and I don't want to support a bar that treats their clientele so poorly. Maybe I need some feedback on this. Yes, actual participation to my blog. You read?? So you say?? Well I want proof. Respond to my two questions..How is the movie Machette? Anyone seen it. Also is it selfish to not support a friend because you hate the bar that friend is performing in?? Alright, I guess I will see who REALLY reads and who just talks about it now, huh? As for me, I gotta go walk back downtown and pick up my car. No huffing and puffing this time.

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