Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First days.. or hey everyone this is the new guy

I get the good fortune to have two first days. How lucky am I? I know, huh? Jealous? Today I worked at a different branch then the one I was hired for so I got to meet the crew and be the newbie there all day today. Tomorrow I get to reenact the whole performance again for my real branch. Yes! Luckily it was busy at my fake new branch so that I wasn't getting the new guy treatment. No one stole my lunch or pulled the chair out from under me. I made it through the whole day without getting pantsed in the lobby so I'm off to a good start.

I'm kidding of course. New days at the office aren't like new days of school and boy how I dreaded those early on in junior high and freshman year of high school. Those new days can be forgotten, but they won't be. They will live on in infamy and vhs recordings. i tried to buy all the copies but I couldn't muster the cash flow. I just have to hope that when I'm famous no one will want to see a 15 year old thrown in a dumpster or pantsed in the gymnasium. Haha, who am I kidding. I want to see that! If only that had truly happened. What a great sympathy blog I could write. Nope, nope, it never occurred. Really. My therapist says so.

I am happy I got the practise round done. Tomorrow it's for real! Seems pretty easy though. It's not as though I'm learning how to perform surgery. It's the same stuff I've done for like almost half my life. Crazy to think I started banking at 19, and weird enough that the branch I started at today was the same branch I was at the beginning of my illustrious banking career. It's called full circle. You spin your wheels 360 degrees and end up back where you started 14 years later. Yep, the branch didn't change at all in 14 years. It was completely identical. I think I even found the spot where I carved my initials into the desk, and that chair I used to lay on in those lazy afternoons of my youth.

I think first days usually are about trying to blend in. I like smooth transitions. It's not like I play entrance music and walk into my new jobs with a manager, but how cool would that be? You walk into your new job and the lights go off and one of those shiny disco balls pops down and lights up the room in black lighting. The music starts blaring. In this case with the disco ball and it being the first day of September, it's gotta be Earth, Wind and Fire baby. I would wear a large white robe and sunglasses. Hey I'm the new guy. Now that would be a cool entrance, and probably my last at that job.

I think that was my problem as a freshman in high school maybe. I didn't realize that the white robe and 70's disco music would not win the ladies. I was both way ahead of my time and twenty years frozen in it.

I do remember that when I was in third grade I thought I was the man. I actually wore a Micheal Jackson red leather zipper jacket, the sparkling silver glove, the black pants and even, I swear to God, even the silver sparkling socks. I wore this decked out in class like I was walking into Studio 54 and hanging with Andy Warhol and Brooke Shields. The girls loved me. How is this possible? Third grade girls loved me and thought I couldn't have been cooler. I remember going to this roller skating birthday party for this girl and how all of her friends kept trying to get me to skate with her. I was just too cool. I just was there to make an appearance. She cried on her birthday and 4th grade was my comeuppance karma. New school and not quite the same affection for my eccentric clothing. I guess Boy George wasn't the best first day outfit.

So in honor of first days everywhere I just want to thank whoever made it possible for me to have two in one week and I hope my real branch likes Earth, Wind, and Fire because it's September and you're a shining star no matter who you are!!

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