Monday, October 18, 2010

When the cats in the way, the mice will play

I’m coming to you live from the SOU Computer Lab. Yes, my first Blog offsite. I’ve written from various rooms in my house on my lap top but I’ve yet to take my blog from those friendly confines of home. It’s a blog away game. Like the Giants playing two games in Philadelphia I had two exams today and yet unlike them I need to leave here 2-0. They can be two bitter C’s, but C’s they gotta B. I’m still a little weary from last night’s game of chase the mouse. Seems I have a bit of vermin problem in mi Casa de Miller.

Last night my cat Wicky burst through the doggie door with his prize. His prize was a ginormous mouse in his mouth and one with some fighting spirit left. I thought cats were supposed to get mice out of your house, not bring them in. Well the bastard not only managed to bring in the live creature but he mouth delivered him straight to my bedroom. Then he proceeded to drop him off and let the games begin. I was reading about the Coliseum and live animal vs. gladiator fights that had transpired there in preparation for a blog I was going to write and had no idea that I too would be thrown into the arena. I darted to my garage for my weapons. My weapons of choice were two fishing nets. Here I was trying to wrangle this vile monster into my net while my cat meowed and hissed as if he were going to actually attack the mouse rather than give him a piggy back ride into my house. I knew better and threw him outside of the room. It was me and the mouse, mano y mano (assuming the mouse was a male).

The mouse dove for cover under the bed as I swiped at it with my net and it hid behind the boxes. When I moved them to get a clean jab the creature glared at me and sprinted to the night stand. I got off the floor and hovered over. I could hear the breathing of the beast as my heart pounded with anticipation of my victory. I lifted the night stand and positioned my net to make my catch. The clever animal bobbed and weaved and eluded my trap. It made a fast break past me and into the closet. There it changed direction from east and west and ventured north, straight up the clothes and onto the side of the closet balancing on a belt rack. I stared eye to eye with the mouse. The black eyes peered at me as my cat pounced through my door and waited below looking up with ferociousness at the waiting prey. Sure, I thought, now you are ready to attack after I did all the work cornering the tiny vermin.

 Suddenly the mouse made a cry of mercy as it knew it was caught. My nets were closing in and it gave me one final look of desperation as it looked down at my awaiting cat as its only other option. I was not swayed and tangled the creature in both nets and made a break for the front door. As I prepared to end its life the imaginary crowd of the Coliseum voiced its opinion, “Live!” I put the nets on the ground out front and watched the mouse untangle itself and flee to safety into the night. Then realized a few moments later the stupid thing will probably just find a way to come back into my house again. Damn!

Feeling good about my merciful victory I proceeded on with the night. About an hour later noises in my kitchen led me to the fridge and upon pointing my flashlight behind it an even larger mouse. Oh man, I thought, the house is infested! Another hour later and this one seemed much better equipped at net dodging. Round two is still underway…..

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