Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adios Facebookers

I'm leaving the playground. I appreciate keeping up with friends and family but that is what email is for. My narcissistic cravings will have to be fulfilled somewhere else, I'm getting off the Facebook juice. I appreciate those of you who have read and commented on my blog. I'm still going to keep writing, but maybe not so much on my blog. I'm writing a novel of short stories and I will keep in touch with those friends and family that want to reach me. My email will be at the bottom of this blog.

I'm proud of a few things. I'm proud of growth. I'm changing some aspects of my life, and that is positive. I'm making better decisions and only letting in the positive. Life is too short to surround ourselves with bad karma. I feel like I've been a good person in my life. I may not have always made the best decisions but I never intentionally hurt anyone and always tried to be supportive of people. I know that I have probably made judgements on people. That is gonna stop. We can only keep track of ourselves, that is enough work. I think I've always been harder on myself though than anyone could have ever been on me. I'm still working on that, but we always do that to ourselves.

I feel blessed to be where I'm at in life. I know there is so much to look forward to. I know that the best is yet to come. I haven't peaked. I'm still learning and growing. I will miss the posts of wisdom that many of my friends post. So many of you all have tremendous depth, it's a shame that it gets washed away by the visual aspects of this media. I know I've written some blogs I felt were truly moving only to see no responses. That I would be upset over something so juvenile as not having a red tick on the top of my Facebook page tells me it's time to go. It's like I'm a monkey and I'm waiting for my recognition treat. I don't need that.

This place has been taking too much of my time, my focus, and it's not really filling. It's junk food. It's TMZ. It's ESPN. Sure, in small doses it's ok, but a daily dose and I have cavities in my brain. There are more important things I can do with my time. This would be studying for my degree, reading novels, writing, actually visiting with my friends and not just posting on their status. Oh I know, I will miss those elaborate posts about "what's for dinner" or "what movie you are currently watching" but I will try to survive. Maybe I will use my imagination and envision it myself. I am as guilty as anyone of posting meandering meaningless junk food on here, but I will be one less contributor. I'm going cold turkey..just in time for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I hope all of my friends have a wonderful one. Remember to give thanks to what is truly important, our family. Sure, our friends are important, and I love my friends, but family will always be there. Friends do change and life changes. People we believe will be there forever may not feel the same. People grow apart, but family is forever. If you are strained from a relative, be the bigger person and reach out. Even if the feeling is not reciprocated, you will feel better. That's all we can do. We can improve ourselves and hope that one day that person realizes how much we care they may get to that point themselves. If they don't then we have moved on, but we made the effort. Alright enough of that, adios, arivederchi, peace, siyanora and ciao :)

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