Friday, August 27, 2010

Birthday Blog..Happy Birthday sister.

There is a little bit of a delay on the card and gift, the delay being neither are on the way so all you get is this measly blog entry to you. You know the factors: the recession, laziness, overall Jon-ness. Not to be confused with Jonas. I am not one of their brothers, otherwise it would be a hell of a birthday gift. "You see that car outside your window Kim??" Well it's not yours, cause I'm not a Jonas brother.

I was lucky to have a great sister like you growing up. Even the times when I was the obnoxious little brother following you and harassing you in front of your potential boyfriends. The eight year difference definitely had the effect of me getting my way a lot more because you were the ground-breaker so I appreciate that. And who could forget all the hot cheerleader girlfriends you had and the coolest backyard parties in the neighborhood. Even when one of your friends hustled me out of my "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Oryndorf wrestling figure and I cried like a little girl, I still had fun. It wasn't a bad place to be. And yet I'm kind of glad I had an eight year window to go to high school after you so that your popularity had faded in the distance while I strolled into Madera High with my bottle cap glasses. Ha, that's kinda sad.

I remember the little yellow house in the backyard in Madera. I think grandpa built that for you right? If it was dad, wow I'm terrible...someone built it. All I remember is that for you in was this playhouse and by the time you out grew it it became my fort. I think I did more damage to that little house in a couple of years than you did in several. I think by the time I was done with it they had condemned the building.

I remember random things. Like my friends in the backyard at Phillip's house. When you came looking for me because I was in trouble, I don't remember what I did but I'm sure it was bad. My friend Joseph started singing "Whoooa here she comes, watch out boys she'll chew you up...whooa here she comes she's a maneater." We were like eight. I don't even think he knew what the song meant. I just think he knew I was in trouble!

I also still feel bad for that time we were at Long's and you wanted to go inside and get some things in the store and I didn't have shoes and wouldn't go in. You tried to bribe me to go in but mom and dad wouldn't have it. You had to stay in the car and watch me because I wasn't budging. Isn't that ridiculous to feel guilty about something so random? Yet I remember these things. Somethings stay with us longer than others even if they make no sense to remember at all.

I followed your lead though. You got the the chevy sprint car first, then I got one. You got the bank teller job at BofA then I did. You were a cheerleader and I like cheerleaders. But you have always been the responsible one and I'm definitely not that. You've got a beautiful family, a great house, and a very full life. I'm proud of you sister. I love you and I wish you an awesome birthday. You better go out and celebrate.

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