Thursday, August 26, 2010

Textaholics Anonymous

"Hello, my name is Jon and I'm a textaholic." That's it, I'm halfway to curing my affliction. I'm on the road to recovery. I'm... hold on I think I have a text...nope, false alarm. Alright well I need this group because I am definitely an addicted texter. I text when I drive, I text when I'm drunk, I may be on nyquil, half asleep, fully asleep (real talent), and just way too often. I forget what human voices sound like I am too busy texting. I need to read the steps and develop a healthier way of living because this isn't working...wait, is my phone blinking? No, it's the glare.

I've had embarrassing escapades via text. Almost as bad as Mikey making those repeated calls in the movie Swingers to that answering machine. I can't even watch that scene it is so desperate and painful to view. Yet while I have not called a girl's machine several times in a row in order to say the perfect message and end up sounding like a complete dumbass, I have sent the texts. I've sent the texts and then another, and then another. Hello idiot, if she doesn't respond to the third one stop sending...oh damn, four, five, ...maybe. Yeah take the phone and hurl it. Mikey baby, I'm with ya.

I wish there were books on texting etiquette. Is it ok to text this time? What is the proper thing to text in this situation? How long should I wait to reply to that last text? I'd read all of them: The Power of Positive Texting; The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Texters; Guerilla Texting. You name it, I would be all over those. I need guidance and direction cause I'm an addict.

I can't be alone out there. There have to be other addicted texters with worse stories than mine. I have to hear them so I don't feel like the biggest loser in the room. Where is this meeting?! I'll even pour the coffee and get a sponsor. I'm committed to recovery, but I need to hear about the guy/gal who lives under a bridge because of their text addiction. Maybe that will knock some sense into me.

It was so much easier, you know, before text. Now you have to decipher what they mean when they say something. What does that mean? Is she/he joking? Is that playful? Or do they really want to get a restraining order on me? I can't read the signals!

So there we have it, Text Anonymous..not to be confused with Facebook Anonymous. Cause baby, that disease is incurable. Have a great, text me. : )

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