Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A lifetime fan basks in the moment- Giants are the Champs!

Not too much to say because it is still sinking in, but the Giants have won the World Series! The Giants have won the World Series! The Giants,... The SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS have won the World Series! A team no one expected and many gave up on (myself included in a brutal loss in the NLDS to Atlanta) came through in the end with grit, will, and incredible monumental pitching. These guys were fearless. They attacked the strike zone and faced the best of the best. They didn't back their way into it. They beat the Braves, then they smoked the favored Phillies, and finally the mighty Rangers. All went down with flailing swings, unable to lay off Big Time Timmy Jim's slider and looking overmatched against the 5'11" 170 lb Freak.

Buster Posey-2010 ROY
So in honor of the amazing Giants of 2010. I'm sending this one out to my favorite Giants of yesterday along with the World Series Champs! This one belongs to all of them!
Freddy Sanchez

Will the Thrill

Kevin Mitchell

Robby Thompson

The original Ooo-ribe..Jose
Juan Uribe-Jose's cousin
Dave Dravecky
Jeff Kent

The Freak, Timmy Lincecum

Rod Beck

Brian Wilson

The All-time HR leader Barry Bonds

Willie McCovey..He owns some water behind the Park
There are too many more and I can't stay up all night posting their pics. This years heroes: Aubrey Huff, Cody Ross, The MVP Edgar Renteria, Matt Cain, Mad Bum, JT Snow, John Burkett, Jason Schmidt, Big Daddy Rick Reuschel, Don Robinson, Mike Krukow, and the managers..Roger Craig, Felipe Alou, Dusty Baker, too many to name, hopefully all a part of tonight.....thanks for the memories and Congratulations!

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