Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And the vault door swings open...

What if it were empty? What if your dollar bill was worthless? What if we are exchanging monopoly money under the guise of real currency? What if we found out we were no longer a superpower country? That we were merely another tourist destination like Greece, desperate for foreign investment and holiday travelers? What if instead of a wrapped present the box was empty, and that we would be lucky to have coal in our stockings to burn for heat?

When Geraldo Rivera swung open the vault on national television in 1986 to broadcast Al Capone's secret hidden vault he was left holding a broken bottle of moonshine as his prize. Could Fort Knox's vault filled with the US gold supply seized by the US government be just as empty?  Is that the reason we have no audit on the contents of this vault since 1974? This was the premise of the show Decoded I watched last night and I have to wonder if our whole economy is one big ponzi scheme generating value in our currency in the world markets that our government knows is non-existent.

Meanwhile earlier this year over $20B in diamonds, gold, and other treasures were discovered in a 16th century Hindu temple in southern India. Nice to know southern Hindu temples are better at protecting their assets than our government. Most recently here in the US a man purchased an abandoned storage unit for $1,100 and inside it was discovered to have of $600,000 of gold and silver coins. This was the great find that now may be not because the man who abandoned the unit is in jail awaiting federal charges of identity theft and the government may seize the loot based on the possible illegal means the former owner took to maintain it. Tough luck for the guy who thought he won a jackpot. More than likely it will be seized and never heard from again. If it is claimed eventually through legal channels the fees the guy will have to pay for a lawyer to seize it back will clean him out. If it is not the government secretly spending your tax dollars and gold reserves it is the lawyers we hire to defend ourselves of these ventures that do so boldly in our faces.

The lack of accountability and truth forthcoming from our government makes the days of pirates on open seas seem not only ideal but actually virtuous. They may have more honestly and ethics as they rob a ship's treasure face to face then the way our assets are robbed from us in the dark of night. This is why when we watch movies nowadays the bad guys are the guys chasing the supposed criminals. We've given up hope on the truth being fed to us we automatically assume the crimes don't fit the punishment and are even justified to begin with.

If they do open that vault at Fort Knox and we find it is empty what do we do? Will it be the wild west all over again? Do we start making decisions based on need rather than want or desire? It's a dark question four days before Christmas I know and maybe a time to start reflecting on more than the shiny present under the tree...unless it is gold bullion, but let's be realistic...we don't live in India..or China.

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