Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A-D-D-I-C-T...30 pts!

At least I haven't caused airplanes to fail from takeoff. My Words with Friends addiction has only impeded my work production. Unlike Alec Baldwin I would have shut off my game when the flight attendant informed me it was time to turn off my electronics...well if I didn't have a J or a Z maybe. Otherwise maybe I see Alec's point here, or points rather, like 50 of them and who needs to get anywhere on time really? We all need a few extra minutes delayed to get in a word or two between friends. Of course some of the words I have been playing have been more words than I have had with these friends in years, so maybe more "Words with Strangers" feels more appropriate. Of course then you are tiptoeing into some dicey situations. Oooh, good word, tiptoe, dicey, take personal memo...

No one took me up on my initial investment opportunity to that distant planet..heck even I forgot the name of it. I think once I discovered it wasn't a word I could score points on I lost interest: not a valid word. Well that planet sucks! I understand the lack of interest now. So let's get back to reality. It's political season and my interest level is applied to my word play. N-E-W-T...word! Score!! M-I-T-T...score!! O-B-A-M-A...not a valid I smell a regime change? As the wise Confucius once said.."If the words spell it, so it be true." Or maybe that was Y-O-D-A.

People the Christmas season is upon us. I don't know how merry everyone is but people are sure crabby. The cold weather doesn't help, the light wallets everyone's carrying, and the added general discord in the media and economic outlook can make the holiday music a little more grating to the ears than usual. Funny, I remember the songs being a little more cheerful but when they are blaring through our expensive Iphones or flatscreens they lose some of the lightness. Rudolph wasn't just a red-nosed reindeer he is a red-eyed debt collector coming with his cohorts with hooves and horns to take your stuff..and he's speaking another language too...what?? Frosty the snowman can also be another name for the bitter, un-festive, mean people that also seem to spring forth during the holidays. Um, sorry your life is rough and you aren't happy but try not to sprinkle your holiday misery my way, ok? Thanks! I've got some words for you..P-R-O-Z-A-C...R-U-M..or L-E-A-V-E!

I think the highlight for my cold holiday season is all the plans I put in my head about somewhere warm. I definitely am ready for a beach somewhere. I wish my present was some bright sunshine, warm sand, and a Mai Tai. Can we box that one up? At least I have the ability to visualize these things so I am not carrying around sadness all day like some people. Just because you are doing a transaction somewhere and someone ask how you are doing does not mean they want you to spill your troubles all over them. Head shrinks charge by the hour and bartenders get tips..I don't know where my compensation is for hearing people's life stories. The problem with reality is that without an inventive imagination it is not very enjoyable. Yet part of anything we enjoy takes creative thinking and visualization of something better. We either absorb the positive and the possible or we stand in the bread line and moan like we are all doomed to life in Siberia Russia. There Frosty is some comrade who beats you and Rudolph's red-nose is a hot poker used to torture information out of you. It could always be worse!

Anyways I've finished my blog for the day and have some words playing to get back to. C-I-A-O..not a valid word? WHAT?! SCREW THIS!!!

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